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List of Faculty Members

Academic Research Oriented Instructors

NAKAHARA Mutsumi Dean / Professor
Area of Clinical / Academic Specialty Clinical psychology / the Rorschach method / collage therapy
Research Content
  • Psychotherapy practice and qualitative research based on ego psychology theory and supportive psychotherapy
  • Clinical case study research (school counselor case studies, psychological problems and mental disorders during puberty, acceptance of disability, developmental issues relating to middle age, the menopause, mental disorders in old age, etc.)
  • Psychological assessment (Rorschach test etc.) practice and research
  • Research on Rorschach method education
  • Collage therapy practice and research
Keywords Case study method; Rorschach method; Collage therapy; Sense of belonging; Menopause
HIROSE Kouichi Professor
Area of Clinical / Academic Specialty Clinical psychology / Collaborative Narrative Approach / Integrative Approach
Research Content
  • Therapeutic practice based on the narrative approach
  • Community approach from the perspective of narrative psychosocial approach
  • Psychosocial Practice Based on the collaborative dialogical approach
  • Psychotherapy from the perspective of “ba” (field) theory
Keywords Narrative; Narrative psychosocial practice; Dialogical collaboration; “ba” (field) theory
TAKAHASHI Kayo Associate Professor
Area of Clinical / Academic Specialty Clinical psychology / Developmental clinical psychology and non-lingual approaches
Research Content
  • Research on techniques for supporting children’s physical and emotional development from infancy through to adolescence
  • Experimental research focused on non-lingual approaches, including play therapy, the drawing method, and the clinical Dohsa method
  • Psychological support for children who have been the victims of abuse
  • Support for children with developmental disorders and their parents/guardians
  • Research on the effective utilization of psychologists in international aid programs
  • Experimental research relating to maternal and child health
Keywords Social care; Developmental disorders; Maternal and child health; Clinical Dohsa Method; Psychodramas; International aid
NAKAMURA Maki Associate Professor
Area of Clinical / Academic Specialty Clinical psychology / Educational psychology and the group approach
Research Content
  • Survey-based research and experimental research in relation to emotional development and the development of self-awareness in children and adults with developmental disorders (with a particular focus on the use of the group approach and drawing approach in relation to lifespan development changes)
  • Research on children’s psychological development using question sheets and drawing
Keywords Developmental disorders; Emotional development; Self-awareness; Group approach; Psychodramas; Dohsa method; Drawing method
KIYOSHIGE Hidenori Assistant Professor
Area of Clinical / Academic Specialty Clinical psychology / Drawing Method
Research Content
  • Relationships and interactions in the Landscape Montage Technique
  • Practice and research on drawing methods in psychological practice
Keywords Landscape Montage Technique; Drawing Method; Relationship; Interaction

Practitioner Instructors

UTSUNOMIYA Atsuhiro Professor
Area of Clinical / Academic Specialty Clinical psychology / delinquency clinical psychology / criminal psychology
Research Content
  • Research on delinquency and crime prevention based on practical experience working in juvenile detention centers and prisons
  • Research on the utilization of psychological tests (including the drawing method, the Rorschach test, and the thematic apperception test) in clinical practice in relation to delinquency and crime
  • Research on providing support for parents / guardians concerned about the delinquent behavior of their children
Keywords Juvenile detention centers and prisons; Rorshach test; thematic apperception test (TAT)
KUBO Yoko Professor
Area of Clinical / Academic Specialty Clinical psychology / Non-verbal approaches
Research Content
  • Psychotherapy for childhood and adolescence
  • Practice and research focused on non–verbal expression in Art therapy and Sand-play
  • Practice and research on psychological care for child cancer survivors and their family members
  • Practice and research on clinical psychology supervision
Keywords Childhood and adolescence; Art therapy and Sand-play; Child cancer survivors; Supervision
YOSHIMURA Takayuki Associate Professor
Area of Clinical / Academic Specialty Clinical psychology / clinical psychology in schools
Research Content
  • Practice and research relating to psychological support that makes effective use of networks emphasizing the relationship between the individual and the environment
  • Research on school counseling implementation processes
  • Experimental research on restoring normality in classes and schools that have been affected by disruption
  • Experimental research on the Rework (return-to-work support) program
  • Research on clinical psychology in relation to Japan’s Act to Promote Countermeasures Against Bullying
Keywords School counseling; Class and school disruption; Act to Promote Countermeasures Against Bullying; Rework program